In icy, snowy conditions, ice grips will help you stand up to everything winter can throw at you. Routine winter activities like getting the mail, short walks with the dog, and walking from your car to work or the store are treacherous at best when ice is under your feet. It is not necessary to join the 18,565 people admitted to Emergency room’s as a result of slipping on ice. Personal traction devices are gaining popularity as a essential piece of winter equipment.

Ice Grips for Shoes

Ice grips are an essential part of everyday outdoor life in the winter for many senior citizens, runners, walkers, hikers or anybody trying to navigate dangerous roads, hills and sidewalks. The history of ice grips shows this product has come a long way. The first patent was issued in the late 1800′s, and featured an iron heel plate that was fixed to the heel of the shoe by a cobbler or shoemaker. This design was uncomfortable, cumbersome and expensive to the average person.

Today a popular design incorporates the use of harden steel spikes, embedded in the heel and sole to provide greater stability, self-control, and steadfast traction on Ice and Snow. The rubbery plastic combined with the harden steel spikes bite into the slickest ice and snow providing excellent slip and fall protection. The stretchable rubber slings are easy to put on and take off, and fit snugly over all types of footwear.

Spikes White Ice Grip Recommendations

ICEtrekkers Spikes Ice Traction

ICEtrekkers Spikes are excellent for navigating icy streets, parking lots and driveways. Recommended for: all types of footwear including casual shoes, dress shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and work boots.

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Todays ice grips have come a long way in design and ease of use. They easily stretch over most regular shoes and boots in seconds and most are made of materials such as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a stretchy plastic which can maintain its elasticity and fit in temperatures as low as -40c.

Snow Chains for Shoes

Snow chains for shoes is another design that uses a case harden steel link and injection molded thermal plastic elastomer, giving users traction similar to bare ground on hard-pack snow and ice. Think of this design as tire chains for your feet. When walking, hundreds of edges bite into snow and ice, providing stability and grip in all directions. A nylon hook and loop strap are used to ensure a secure fit around all types of footwear.

Chains White Ice Grip Recommendations

ICEtrekkers Chains Ice Traction

This review recommends ICEtreckkers Chains because they are a great value, offering effective traction at an affordable price.

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Some snow chain designs use case hardened welded steel links, strung on a steel cable that criss-cross under the ball and heel of the foot. The steel links system is fixed to a vulcanized rubber sling that remains flexable in sub-zero temperatures, provide excellent traction on snow and ice covered surfaces.


ice trekkers Ice Grip Recommendations

ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Ice Traction

This review found the diamond grip design to be self cleaning and offer the best overall grip. Great for users that have to transition from bare pavment to snow and ice covered surfaces.

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Ice Grips Reviews

Defining your activities in the winter will determine what style of ice grips you would want to purchase. If you are a senior citizen, walker, or runner, you might want to consider ice grips with the studs or spikes, or snow chains with the coil system. Farmers, Fire and Rescue Units, Highway Departments, Hikers, Construction Workers, Ice Fisherman, Police Officers, US Postal Service Deliverers, and Transit Authorities all need durability due to their frequent usage. This group might look to the steel links system to get them through the winter. Don’t let winter weather keep you inside. Enjoy renewed confidence in icy conditions, and let the fear of falling slip away with ice grips.